Why Europe?

Europe in Silicon Valley

European founders, entrepreneurs, researchers, designers and investors have played, and continue to play, a central role in the success, growth and revitalization of Silicon Valley.

Europe at Stanford

European students, professors, post-docs, adjunct faculty and staff form a large and important community at Stanford, and make innumerable important contributions to the Stanford University mission and community, in research, teaching, entrepreneurship, design, arts, culture, values and sports; indeed, European traditions have always been an integral part of the Stanford model from the first days of Stanford's founding.

Silicon Valley in Europe

Silicon Valley is a vital and growing part of the European innovation economy, creating thousands of new jobs in Europe each year, and helping many established European companies to become more competitive globally.

Comparative Innovation Ecosystems

Silicon Valley and Stanford can learn a great deal from our European colleagues and sister institutions about new approaches to entrepreneurship, innovation and design - as well as about the connection of innovation ecosystems, organization cultures, language, philosophy and ethics to innovation performance.

Asia at Stanford Engineering

'European ETL' is intended as a complement to the long-running 'Asian High Tech Entrepreneurship' course that is offered each year in Electrical Engineering by the US-Asia Technology Management Center

Course Format

Attend 7 of 8 Classes

End-of-Quarter Essay

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1 Unit | S/NC Grading Basis

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Teaching Team

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Burton Lee

Lecturer | European Innovation

Dept of Mechanical Engineering

Course Director


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Burak Cetin

Course Assistant 2016


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Gerald Brantner

Course Assistant 2014

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